Why to Exhibit in Photonics Middle East?

UAE and the whole of the Middle East is one of the fastest growing economic regions of the world, with a highly dynamic and progressive market for photonics products and solutions. The conference venue is strategically located in the heart of Dubai, the most appropriate location in the Middle East. Above all, UAE has a highly proactive and goal oriented governance and the government departments rapidly adopt state of art systems and advanced technologies that benefit the nation and the society. Photonics Middle East International Conference - Dubai is a global event and a unique venue to showcase photonics based products and solutions. Delegates of this flagship photonics event includes active researchers, medical professionals, industry professionals and decision makers from Universities, R&D institutions, Healthcare Centers etc. from across the world and the whole of the Middle East. Book your Stall and avail the early bird benefits.

Companies to Benefit

Manufactures of Lasers for R&D, Medical Lasers, Laser Surgery Systems, Cosmetic Lasers, Medical Imaging Systems, Optics and Diffractive Optics, Fibreoptic Systems, Opto-mechatronics, Virtual and Augmented Reality Gears, Digital Holography Systems, Research Tools, Innovative Photonic Products, Data Archiving Systems, Ultra-real Imaging Systems, R&D and Innovation Companies, Holography Companies, Laser Coding Machines, Security and Authentication Companies, Lidar Systems, Laser Microscopes, Interferometers, Laser Spectrometers, Spectrometers, Photonics Publishers ….and more.

Exhibition Tariff

For Exhibition Invoicing and Fund Transfer, please contact events@photonicsmiddleeast.com

For support in stall design and / or fabrication, please contact events@photonicsmiddleeast.com

conference INFORMATION

+971 504245343, +971 585523549(UAE), +1 512 210 0432 (USA) info@photonicsmiddleeast.com